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Block Making Machine

Block Making Machine is a hydraulic operated machine.  This is accessible with a consistent quality and provides ultimate operation in different sectors. The machine is of advanced performance and offers uniformity of the blocks. It is used to make the blocks of advanced compressive strength.

Power Pack

Powered Pack is needed to indispensable to carry out daily activities. This is used for work, leisure activities and school. This is used for several connected solutions. The primary benefit of this machine is its ability to deliver stable power.

Brick Making Machine

Brick Making Machine is an environment-friendly machine used to make brick to from fly ash, slag, gauge and similar other industrial waste. This is suited for the betterment of environment. It is a machine of low cost and can make reduction in the energy usage.

Scrap Baling Press

Scrap Baling Press machine is a machine of high speed as well as highly automatic operations. This is the machine of lower maintenance as well as low energy consumption. It enables a fast production rate and works as a reliable solution.

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